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Friday, June 17, 2011


The most dangerous issue facing America today is not terrorism. It is homosexual marriage. WHY because after gay marriage comes incestual marriages,followed by polygamy marriages,followed by beastiality marriages. Why cant a brother marry a sister after all the wealth will remain in the family.And why cant a man marry seven wives or a woman marry seven men.And why cant a man marry his pet dog and receive free vet care as his dog is his wife or maybe a male gay dog spouse. America will fall each passing day as the wrath of heaven comes down like it did on Sodom which today is the dead sea. The moslems will take over America without even having to fire a shot. Obama was sent by heaven to continue destroying America for its support for gay marriage. WAKE UP and get rid of every liberal democrat.

our enemy are the secular JINOS Jewish in name only

The number one enemy to authentic Judaism are the secular Jewish born so called leaders. That includes reform,conservative ,radical modern orthodox and Jews for jesus sects. Only black hatted Jews are authentic.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ethiopeans are not Jews

The policy of allowing goyim to emigrate to Israel was done for political reasons. It was done by the anti religious Israeli government to control the Haredi growing population and political power. These white goyim from Russia nor the black goyim from Ethiopia are Jewish.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Haredi Israel will take over in our lifetime BH

In a short seven years,all of Jerusalem will be Haredi. In 19 years most of Israel will be Haredi. We will not allow women into the army and all serious Torah students will be exempt from the army as well. We will hire goyim to be the infantry and border guards. We will enforce strict laws in our society. Any arab caught throwing a rock will receive a ten year prison scentence with hard labor for attempted murder. This will increase the inner city security for millions of tourists and benefit the Chareidi society. We are not weak cowards like the secular Israeli government that caters to feminism and fagottism. There will be a death penalty for murder and anyone caught being a homosexual will be expelled from our holy country,Eretz yisroel. All anti Torah establishments will be shut down by the new chareidi police unit.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


As practicing Jews we understand why 6  million were murdered. When Jews turn their backs on G-d than G-d turns His back on them  and lets the forces of nature cause havoc. Its open in the Torah that if you follow My laws you will be blessed otherwise you suffer. The vast majority of the 6 million were secular or semi religious going down spiritually.  Those orthodox Jews who did perish did so because they believed in live and let live and failed to admonish their fellow secular Jewish brothers.


The G-d of Israel has warned in the Torah that if his laws are not kept in the land of Israel,He will evict the Jews there. If gay parades are allowed this summer again than He will take Jerusalem away and give it to the arabs who would keep Jerusalem free of homosexuals. WAKE UP DEAR JEWS

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Why did G-d allow the fuel at Israels airport to be contaminated and cause the grounding of many flights?
This happened because the israeli secular anti Jewish government allocated 94 million dollars to attract gay tourists from Germany yemach shemoy. G-d said you want to contaminate my holy land with wicked homosexuals, I will ground your flights and thus discourage these enemies of Torah from visiting my land. Whats more interesting that Germany refused to check samples of this contaminated fuel in their labs as the israelis did not know how. MEASURE FOR MEASURE


Yes many of us realize it was their treatment of the three chareidi boys, now down to two, in their horrible prisons. But when G-d does something it is for many reasons. It was the secular anti Torah government that tried to use the Fogel family murder as propaganda for their public relations. They published graphic pictures of the childrens bloody bodies in order to arouse support for their state. But the almighty scoffed at these bareheaded secular bums and sent an earthquake to direct the world media attention to japans earthquake victims. And so Israels PR stunt landed on deaf ears. WHY Because they allow a gay parade in the holy city of Jerusalem and beat up orthodox Jews who protest about Shabbos. Israels secular leadership incites their secular citizens against Chareidim and thats why the world is incited against Israel. MEASURE FOR MEASURE


We are living in a most positive era here in this world today. In 7 years all of Jerusalem will be Chareidi and in 15 years all of Israel will be Chareidi.  If you want to join us and speed up this wonderful process ,join us in our ideas. We as Jews who observe the torah realize that we must stand up against the secular Israeli leadership on every Jewish issue. We must outlaw abortions on demand, homosexual activity of any kind,no street to be open to traffic on shabbos or yom tov, and all secular schools must close down.