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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Haredi Israel will take over in our lifetime BH

In a short seven years,all of Jerusalem will be Haredi. In 19 years most of Israel will be Haredi. We will not allow women into the army and all serious Torah students will be exempt from the army as well. We will hire goyim to be the infantry and border guards. We will enforce strict laws in our society. Any arab caught throwing a rock will receive a ten year prison scentence with hard labor for attempted murder. This will increase the inner city security for millions of tourists and benefit the Chareidi society. We are not weak cowards like the secular Israeli government that caters to feminism and fagottism. There will be a death penalty for murder and anyone caught being a homosexual will be expelled from our holy country,Eretz yisroel. All anti Torah establishments will be shut down by the new chareidi police unit.